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March 16, 2015 by
007 james bond quiz . bond girls and trivia
the first 10 questions are pic questions the rest bond trivia questions . the winner can have one item from the id gear store if he or she wants . ties will be broken with bonus questions
1. what charterer did i play in man w the golden gun
2. what charterer did i play
3. what charterer did i play
4. what charterer did i play
5. what charterer did i play
6. what charterer did i play
7. what charterer did i play
8. what charterer did i play
9. what charterer did i play
10. what is my name
11. maud adams was in 2 movies octopussy and
12. the original Casino Royale. who started playing bond
13. who played bond right after George Lazenby
14. how many movies was Pierce Brosnan bond
15. how many movies did Timothy Dalton play bond
16. what movie did George Lazenby play bond
17. jill st john was in diamonds are forever who is she married to
18. Ian Fleming used sexy names because
19. how many movies was Roger Moore bond
20. what is the meaning of the title of Never Say Never Again
G_ dog
this took a long time hope there are no mistakes and you like it
G_ dog
I knew carey lowell was good looking on law and order but never thought she was smokin hot but she was as a bond girl
G_ dog
spectrum you did great and should have had 95 % one of the questions you got wrong i gave the answer in an earlier question.go back and look you will kick yourself
Right when I was finishing up I had 3 people PMing me so I just finished and quit. I should have taken 5 more minutes. lol
G_ dog
so i asked if you guys wanted a 007 quiz i do one and 2 people take it ..nice job GymFritz
Wow I thought a lot more people would be excited about this. I had to google Carey Lowell, and I guessed a lot, but it was fun. Thanks G_dog for taking the time to put this quiz together.
G_ dog
GymFritz i thought so too but i guess not
G_ dog
not bad lou thanks for taking the quiz
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