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YERA END QUIZ super bowl coaches quiz
the questions are all from the super bowl era .the winner can have one of 3 prizes A) a blow job from db or B) PAT WILL BE YOUR HOUSE GUEST OVER THE HOLIDAYS C ) a rubber mold of my ass with a hook so you can hang it with your stockings on the mantle
1. which coach has not taken 2 different teams to the super bowl as head coach
2. how many super bowls has bill belichick coached in as a head coach or asst combine
3. which coach lost 4 super bowls
4. which coach went to 4 straight super bowls
5. which coach won 3 super bowls with 3 different quarterbacks
6. which coach won 4 super bowls with the same quarterback
7. what 2 teams did dick vermeil take to the super bowl
8. bud grant lost 4 super bowls with the same team name the team
9. john fox has lost how many super bowls
10. don shula coached in 3 straight super bowls how many did he win
11. bill parcells took 3 teams to the league championship game name them
12. twice coaches have played each other again only one coach won both games who is he
G_ dog
i know question 10 is odd because there are to many answers but the computer only lets you have the same number of answers for all the questions
Who gave you the authority to offer such prizes?
G_ dog
why is that not what you all want for the holidays
G_ dog
I added a prize
Get to putting a hook in your ass and making a mold of it. raz
I can't take the poll, I don't know a football from a field bowl.
G_ dog
must have been hard razor scored so low
G_ dog
i worded number 12 wrong there are 2 correct answers razor gets another one right sorry about that
#1, Shula didn't take 2 different teams to the Super Bowl, only one, the Dolphins.
Wrong! Shula was the coach of the Colts when they were upset by the Jets in Super Bowl III. It hastened his departure from Baltimore.
3. Don Shula lost Super Bowls III, VI, XVII, and XIX.
12. That question makes no sense.
G_ dog
i said i worded quest 12 wrong as it is there are 2 right answers chuck noll and Tom Coughlin and john black don shula took the colts and dolphins to the super bowl
G_ dog
john black also got # 12 right
G_ dog
question 12 should have said 3times coaches played each other twice with the same coach winning both games which one of these was among the 3 .and the answers should have only had one right answer .instead i worded it wrong and put 2 right answers .the 3 are Tom Coughlin, Jimmy Johnson,and chuc...
Did you read my comment on No. 3?
G_ dog
fuck yea i did fuck that up too so i should not have had don shula as an answer .i left out marv levy who also lost 4 so you got 100% VERY VERY WELL DONE
G_ dog
question 3 has to right answers don shula and dan reeves .i should have left shula off the answers but i am a dumb ass
You're right, totally forgot his stint with the Colts!
Big Louâ„¢
Looking at the prizes, kinda glad I didn't win! lol
how do you know I'd be a boring guest? Shake My Head besides only you coulda gotten me to dump ice fucking cold water on my head. lol as for the other two I don't know how DB can do a bow job and obviously I'm sure many of the GIRLS would love to have an ass mold with a Whisk of Gregs provided it was sterilized of...
i only eat pussyEat Out and i am very pissed off G_dog would again insult me like that fucking rude as bastard
that and he can't spell a very important insult lol but hey he did offer a mold of his ass. if some guy gets it will you please send it directly to Joey so he knows what woman to send it to LMAO
That's not all he can misspell... Whistle
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