(Not sure if this is under the right category because it does have models but...)A great website for swimsuits. It also has a competition gallery that is awesome...wink, wink! "Swimsuits for the Uninhibited."

From the site: "Malibu Strings Bikinis are the sexiest swimsuits on the planet. The Malibu String Bikini Company specializes in bikinis and micro bikinis for the uninhibited."

These are truly the hottest swimsuits I have found on the internet. They are made in the USA and very nice quality. The site is set up very nice and easy to shop on. Being the perv that I am...my favorite part is the Competition Gallery. Amateur women and models post their own photos in this gallery every week. The competition last all year and if your photos or video are selected, you will receive a $100 gift certificate which can be redeemed at MalibuStrings.com.



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