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What Can I Post: top

Do Post:

Preview Model images in small amounts approximately 3-4 (max 15 pics)
Such as: http://www.yourdailygirls.com/
Affiliate Site images and video Previews
Youtube Videos
Home videos/clips
Self Shot Pics

Do Not Post:

Full Member Picture Sets
Full Site Copyrighted Videos/Images
Under Age Images/Videos (Child Porn)
Animal Pics/Videos with any kind of Human Nudity (Beastiality/Zoophilia)
No Genitals in your Avatar images

Activity Points: top

What Are Activity Points? Activity Points are given to users based on the activity they contribute to Innerdeviant.com. Actions that earn Activity Points are: posting auctions, auction reviews, attachments, blogs, comments, events, forum posts, invites, marketplace listings, pages, posting/uploading photos, polls, quizzes, and videos. One point is earned for each activity.

How Do I Know How Many Points I Have? Your points show up next to your name on the main page.

Can I Gift MyPoints? Yes you may gift your points simply by going to the person's profile you wish to gift, clicking on the "more arrow" and selecting "gift points"

What Are Activity Points Used For? You can use them to purchase ID gear in our store

Auctions: top

How Do I Create An Auction? From your home page click on the "Auctions" button in the navigation bar, then click the"+ Add New Auction" button located at the far right. Complete the required information and add any photos of the item. You have the option to allow bidding only, set only a "buy it now" price, or allow both. Your "Full Description" should include as much information about the item as possible and also include your personal shipping terms and rates (i.e. International, Within the United States, Canada, and accepted methods of payment). When you are done, click the "Submit" button to post your auction. You auction will go live immediately and you have 24 hours in which to remove or edit your auction. For auction rules and fees, please see the Auction Terms section.

What Is "Quantity Available"? If you are selling something such as an autographed photo, magazine, or DVD, in which you have multiple copies of the same item available you can enter a quantity number or select "unlimited". You may also allow a bidder to buy more than one by checking the "A Person Can Buy More Than One?" box.

I Am A Registered User But Cannot Create An Auction. Why? Right now only Verified Models are able to create auctions. If you are already a Verified Model you must have your Paypal email address entered into the "Payment Methods" section of your account settings before you can create an auction.

Payment Methods: The only method of payment for sellers to pay their listing fees and final sale fees to Innerdeviant.com is via Paypal. The methods of payment available for buyers to pay sellers depends on the individual sellers payment options listed in their auction description.

Notifications: To receive notifications about auctions you have created or auctions you are following click on the "Account" drop down menu at the top of your home page and select "Auction Settings".

Auction Terms:

Rules and Regulations:

In order to participate as a listing and selling member on Innerdeviant.com, you agree to the following rules and regulations. Innerdeviant.com is proving you a place to offer and sell auction items, but you are responsible for your actions while using this feature. If you violate these rules and regulations, your listing may be removed or edited at our discretion without notice. Multiple violations will result in the suspension or termination of your ability to use this feature of Innerdeviant.com. We reserve the right to remove any auctions that are deemed inappropriate by our management, including but not limited to, possible fraud or deception, illegal merchandise, or unfair business tactics. By participating as a buyer or seller on Innerdeviant.com you agree to be bound by these rules and regulations and terms of use.

Listing and Selling Fees:

Listing an auction on Innerdeviant.com is always free but there additional fees for extra options:

Italic Listing: $0.25

Bold Listing: $0.50

Highlighted Listing: $0.50

Feature Listing: $1.00

Additional Photos: 3 photos are included with your listing, each additional photo after that is $1.00

Final Sale Fee (Closing Fee):

The seller will be charged a 5% final sale fee at the end of each auction, this fee is based on the final sale price of the item. This fee is only charged if the item sells and can only be paid via Paypal.

What You Can and Cannot Sell:

Any item listed for auction must have a reasonable intrinsic value to a buyer.

Items must be personalized in some way either by including an autographed photo of the item or autographing the item itself.

You MUST be the owner of the item you are offering. All items must be legally owned by you and you should be able to provide proof of ownership if necessary. You may not list items that do not belong to you until you have been given permission by the owner of the item. You should be able to provide proof of this permission if necessary. Innerdeviant.com is not to be held liable should you offer and item that does not legally belong to you.

You MUST be legally able to sell any item you list for sale, meaning that you may only list items that comply with the law. Laws vary from state to state so if you are unsure of an item please check with your state's laws before proceeding. Innerdeviant.com is not to be held responsible for the items being sold by any seller.

You MUST NOT sell any of the following items: Anything involving child pornography or bestiality. Firearms, explosives, fireworks, animals, humans, body parts of any kind, bodily fluids or waste. Selling any of the aforementioned items is ILLEGAL and shipping at item containing bodily fluids or waste is a Federal offense. Both are punishable by law.

"Event" auctions which involve meetings between the seller and a buyer, must be approved before listing. No escort related activity is permitted. Innerdeviant.com is not to be held liable for any Event Auction a seller chooses to offer. Event Auctions are at the sellers discretion and are the sellers responsibility.

Item Representation:

Any item you list must be legitimate. Auctions listed with the intent to draw attention to another listing, personal web site or to entice a buyer into a direct outside sale are not allowed. To avoid miscommunication between you and the buyer, you must fully and accurately describe the item you are listing and all terms of sale on the listing page. All listings must contain at least one photo of the item and should be categorized properly.


You must list a valid email address.

You must not spam members of Innerdeviant.com or compile a list of email addresses of buyers for the purpose of solicitation. Spamming will result in the immediate termination of your ability to use the Auction feature.

You must not bid pad. Bid padding is the artificial inflation of an items price by bidding on your own item or requesting friends to bid on your auction items. In most states this is against the law.

You must not interfere with another sellers listing or transaction.

You must not bash other sellers or buyers, either directly or indirectly, in your listings or anywhere else on Innerdeviant.com. If you have a problem with a buyer or seller please contact Innerdeviant.com directly.

Sellers, you must complete the sale of an item as long as there is a winning buyer.

Buyers, you must complete the purchase of an item you won and do so in a timely manner.

Completing A Sale:

If you receive at least one bid at or above your stated minimum price you are obligated as the seller to complete the transaction with the highest bidder upon the auctions end.

You must conclude the sale with the highest bidder within a reasonable amount of time.

All items sold must be delivered in the condition they were described and pictured in.

You are encouraged to use the feedback system provided, but you may not take any actions that are intended to undermine it's integrity. You must not engage in any type of feedback padding and it is not to be used to bash buyers or sellers. Please do not abuse it.

You agree to not hold Innerdeviant.com or any of it's affiliates liable for any disputes between buyers and sellers.


Participation in the listing of auction items at Innerdeviant.com is a privilege, not a right. Innerdeviant.com reserve the right to refuse or terminate the ability to use the Auction feature to anyone for any reason we deem appropriate.

Avatars top

While we do remain an adult community, we ask that genitalia not be used as an avatar picture. You may however have it in your albums.

Badges: top

What Are Badges? Badges are our way of letting you identify yourself. There are 2 types of Badges, idBadges and Verified Badges. You can pick and choose your own that best describe you and what you like from our idBadges list, or you can submit a request for a Verified Badge.

How Do I Get idBadges For My Profile? From the home page select the "id Badges" link in the navigation bar located at the top of the page. Here you can see a list of available idBadges and how many users have each badge. When you find a badge you would like to have on your profile simply click on it and it will take you to that particular badges page, once there you can see a list of the users that have that badge and also add it to your profile. Click "Get This Badge" and then click "Submit" to confirm that you want to add the badge to your profile.

What Are Verified Badges? There are 3 types of Verified Badges: Model, Photographer, and Webmaster. In order to receive a Verified Badge you must submit a request along with proof that you are either a Model, Photographer, or Webmaster. Once approved, the appropriate Verified Badge will be assigned to your page. Verified Badges are only awarded to the ACTUAL Model, Photographer, or Webmaster, not to someone acting on their behalf. This is to ensure that the real person is speaking on their profile and to help combat the issue of fakes and scammers.

How Do I Get A Verified Badge? If you would like a Verified Badge you must first submit a request. Click on the "id Badges" link in the navigation bar located at the top of your home page then click on "Request A Badge". Select the appropriate Verified Badge from the drop down menu and in the "Message" section provide us with some information that will help us confirm your identity such as your web site, email address, and twitter handle. You must be able to provide proper documentation if necessary and may be required to send us a fan sign from your web sites email address. We may also contact you via the information you provided to confirm your identity. Once approved, an administrator will award you the requested Verified Badge.

How Do I Remove A Badge? To remove an idbadge from your profile click on the "id Badges" link in the navigation bar at the top of your homepage, then click on "Manage Your Badges". This will take you to a list of badges that are currently on your profile. Find the badge you wish to remove and click "delete" then click "ok" to confirm or "cancel" to return to your badge list.

What If I Don't See The Badge I Want? If there is an id Badge you'd like to have but don't see it listed on the id Badges page you are more than welcome to suggest additional badges. You can contact us via email with your badge suggestions or post them in the "Badge Suggestions" thread in the forum. We will take all suggestions into consideration but we can not promise your suggested badge will be added to the list. id Badges are created and added at the discretion of InnerDeviant.com.

Blocking/Reporting A User: top

How Do I Block A User? As a member of the InnerDeviant.com community you have the right to block a user at any time for any reason you see fit. To do this, go to the user's profile that you wish to block. Click on the downward pointing triangle located on the top right hand side of the profile, this will open a drop down menu where you can select "block this user". Click "block this user" and then confirm by selecting "yes, block this user" or "no, do not block this user".

What Happens When I Block A User? The user you block will no longer be able to view your profile.

How Do I Unblock A User? If you accidentally blocked someone or simply changed your mind, you can unblock a user at any time. Select "privacy settings" from the "Account" drop down menu located at the top right corner of your homepage. Select "blocked users" to see your list of blocked users. Check the box next to the name of the person you want to unblock and then select "save changes".

How Do I Report A User? You may only report a user for the following reasons: violating one of the Terms Of Service (TOS) rules, attacking an individual or group, copyright infringement, or violence. To report a user go to the user's profile that you wish to report. Select the "Report this User" option located on the right hand side of their profile below the "Mutual Friends" list. Select a reason for reporting the user from the drop down menu provided. You may add an explanation for your report in the "Comment" box to provide us with further details regarding your report. Click "Submit" when you are finished.

What Happens When I Report A User? All reports are strictly confidential and will be reviewed by an administrator of InnerDeviant.com. If your report is found to be true appropriate actions will be taken. The reported user will either be issued a warning and have the content in question removed from his profile, or the user will be terminated. Actions taken towards a reported user are done so at the sole discretion of InnerDeviant.com.

Chat/Invisible Mode: top

What Is Invisible Mode? Invisible mode allows you to browse InnerDeviant.com without appearing online. Click on the "Account" drop down menu at the top of your home page and select "Privacy Settings", then select "Invisible Mode". To enable Invisible Mode select the green "yes" option. Enabling Invisible Model also removes you from all "online" lists and turns your Chat feature off entirely.

Can I Turn The Chat Off Without Being Invisible? Yes. If you have Invisible Mode disabled but want to appear offline from the chat for a while simply open the Chat window located in the bottom right corner of your screen, click the settings icon, and select "Go Offline". Your Chat bar will now say "Chat (Offline)". To turn the chat back on click the Chat bar twice.

Customization: top

Can I Change The Color Scheme Of My Profile? Yes. From your home page, click the "Profile" drop down menu located on the top right of the page, then select "Customize Profile" to bring you to the Profile Designer. There are 5 preloaded color themes available for you to choose from. If you do not like the themes that are provided you can also customize your profile with your own color options.

How Do I Customize My Profile Colors? From your home page, click the "Profile" drop down menu located on the top right of the page, then select "Customize Profile" to bring you to the Profile Designer. Select the "Advanced" option from the list on the left hand side of the page. A second list will appear containing the customizable areas of your profile. As you hover over each item in the list, that area of your profile will be highlighted to show you what you are about to change. When you find the area you wish to change, click on it to view the options for that area.

Can I Add A Background Image To My Profile? Yes. From your home page, click on the "Profile" drop down menu located on the top right of the page. Select "Customize Profile" to bring you to the Profile Designer. Select "Advanced" from the options listed on the left hand side. Make sure that "Body" is selected in the next list that appears. At the top of the page you will see an area titled "Background" where you can change the color of your background , add an image URL, or upload an image to use as your background. To upload an image, click on the paperclip symbol to browse images already on your computer.

Can I Change The Color Scheme Of My Homepage? Yes. From your home page, click on the "Customize Dashboard" link located above the date on the top right hand side of the page. Here you can select one of the 5 preloaded color themes available.

Can I Move Or Hide Items On My Homepage? Yes. From your home page, click on the "Customize Dashboard" link located above the date on the top right hand side of the page. To hide an item select "Blocks" from the list on the left hand side. Here you can choose to hide Recent Logins, Friends Online, Upcoming Events, Suggestions and Sponsored Ads from your view. You can also choose to move or rearrange items on your homepage. Items can be moved up and down OR side to side. Hover over the title of a block you wish to move then click and drag to move it to it's new position. If you choose, you may also delete an item from your homepage by hovering over the right hand side of the item title. Click the "Remove this block" icon then "yes" to confirm. WARNING: you can only undo the deletion of an item by clicking the "reset" button at the top of the page.

General: top

How Do I Sign Up? There are several ways in which you can join the InnerDeviant.com community. You can either create a new unique user name and password by filling out the InnerDeviant.com registration form or you can use an existing social media user name and password. To use an existing social media user name and password, simply click on the icon of the social media you would like to use and either enter your existing user name and password or select "Authorize app" to connect. To see a complete list of the social media login options click on the green circle with the + inside at the top of the main page.

Why Is Facebook Not A Social Media Login Option? Due to the family oriented nature of Facebook we chose to remove it as a login option.

User Name and InnerDeviant.com URL: The user name your choose upon registration or social media login will also become your unique InnerDeviant.com URL. Example: If you choose JohnDoe as your user name, your InnerDeviant.com URL is then Innderdeviant.com/johndoe.

Can I Change My User Name and URL? You may change your user name by clicking the "Account" drop down menu and then selecting "Account Settings". You may only change your user name 3 times.

Can I Change My Display Name? Your display name is what others see when they view your profile, receive a friend request from you, or when you comment on another users profile or status. You may change your display name as many times as you wish by clicking on the "Account" drop down menu and selecting "Account Settings".

How Do I Edit My Profile? Click on the "Profile" drop down menu at the top of your home page and select "Edit Profile". Here you can change your Basic Information, About Me, Interests, and Details sections.

What Is The "Where To Find Me" Section? This section is controlled by the administration of InnerDeviant.com and contains links to web sites, social media accounts, and wish lists of users with Verified Badges.

How Do I Delete My Profile? To delete your InnerDeviant.com profile click on the "Account" drop down menu at the top of your home page and select "De-Activate". A message will appear that states "If you want to deactivate your account. Please click here to process". Your account will IMMEDIATELY be deactivated once you select "click here". To reactivate your profile you must complete and submit a request to Innerdeviant.com.

Is There An InnerDeviant.com App Available? No, at this time there is no mobile application available. You can still post statuses and upload photos to your InnerDeviant.com profile via your mobile phone by accessing the InnerDeviant.com web site on your phone's Internet browser.

Privacy: top

Who Can View My InnerDeviant.com Profile? No one outside of InnerDeviant.com can view your profile, a person must be logged in to InnerDeviant.com in order to view ANYTHING associated with your profile. Even if someone has your InnerDeviant.com URL, no part of your profile is visible regardless of your privacy settings.

Default: The default Privacy setting of your profile and it's contents as well as what you post is set to "Friends Only". To change individual Privacy settings click on the "Account" drop down menu at the top of your home page and select "Privacy Settings". Here you can change who can view your profile, view your information, view your feed, post to your feed, view your friends, send you a message, view your photos, etc.

What Is The "Community" Privacy Setting? The Community settings means that anyone logged in to InnerDeviant.com can view. In some areas of the site such as the status privacy icon and when uploading a photo, the "Community" privacy setting is listed as "Everyone".

Social Publisher: top

What Is Social Publisher? Social Publisher allows you to connect your activity on InnerDeviant.com to your Twitter account.

How Does It Work? When you write a status update, upload a photo, upload a video, share a link, create a poll, or a blog and then click the "Share" button, a window will pop up asking if you want to publish your activity to your Twitter account. By selecting "Publish" your activity will post on both your InnerDeviant.com profile and your Twitter profile. If you select "Cancel" your activity will only publish to your InnerDeviant.com profile. You can do this each time that you post something, or you can chose to always post to Twitter via Social Publisher by selecting the "Auto Publish Next Time" option. To see a list of what can be published or to change your settings, click on the "Account" drop down menu on your homepage, select "Social Publisher Settings", and then click on "Activity Management".

Can My Twitter Followers View Photos I Post Via Social Publisher? Not unless they are logged into InnerDeviant.com.

Why Is Facebook Not A Social Publisher Option? Due to the family oriented nature of Facebook, we have removed the option of publishing InnerDeviant.com activity to your Facebook account.

Tagging: top

How Do I Tag A User? To tag a user in your post type @ and then start typing the user name of the person you wish to tag. A list of users will auto populate as you type, click on the name of the user you are tagging to add them to your post. Example: Just had lunch with @JohnDoe . When you click on the name of the user you are tagging it will show up like this [x=2] John Doe [/x] until you publish it. Once published it will look like this: Just had lunch with John Doe. Posts with tagged users are published to your profile as well as the tagged users profile.

How Do I Remove A User I Tagged? As of right now you can not remove a tag once it has been published. The only way to remove a tagged user from your post is to delete the post from your feed.

How Do I Remove Myself From A Tagged Post? As of right now you can not remove yourself from a tagged post, but you can delete it from your feed. If you wish to not be tagged by a user you can change this option in your "Privacy Settings".

Ads top

Ads may be purchased by any member of Innerdeviant.com by clicking the link "Advertise" at the bottom of the page or under the "Sponsored" blocks on pages. You can choose where you would like the ads to be placed on the site, the gender, age, and the Geographic location of your targeted audience. Ads will be rotated randomly throughout the site and on most of the pages. You can also pause ad campaigns at any time. All ads must be approved before they are live on the site.

Permanent banners may be also purchased by contacting one of the admin's or by the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page.

Watermarking top

We can watermark photos that are uploaded to the site, we will however never use your photos. You are the sole owner of your photos. Watermarking is merely there so that if images are spread throughout the internet, people will know what site they came from.

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